About Us


In today’s fishing industry, everything is about customer sales and profit. What bait will attract what customer? How cheap can we get it made? What is the best country to produce it? How many thousands can we create at a time?

I have a new theory. What about designing baits to catch fish and not just fishermen? The way our sport got started. Wouldn’t the fishermen follow on their own? Don’t fishermen want the best chance to catch fish, and if our bait catches them, wouldn’t they have a reason to buy it?

We created the Rush Lures brand to represent fishermen. My vision is to create custom products that increase your chance to catch bass To design around quality and efficiency. I want to make baits better right out of the package. I want you to choose to throw one of our baits because it is the best choice for the fish. Not just the best choice for our bank account.

We are genuinely designing baits to help make you a Champion.

Rush Lures–designed for champions