After Dark D.R. Series Buzzbait #DR14

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Throw one of these on for your next night event, fish near shallow flats and hang on.

After Dark

The D.R. Series Buzzbait was designed to give Champion Bass Anglers a distinct
advantage over all other buzzbaits. Every part involved in the design and
build of the D.R. Series Buzzbait was selected for its quality. This bait excels
in shallow water and don’t be afraid to throw it down the dark side of a log
when the sun is high. This is so much more then an early morning bait. Some
of my best fish have come in the heat of the day.

•Hand tied wire skirt collar.

•Proven classic eye design.

•Ultra Sharp 2x long Trokar Hook.
No trailer hook needed.

•Crimped and gouged rivet for
the perfect squeak.

Quality from start to finish.
Truly Designed for Champions

Travis Decker

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1 review for After Dark D.R. Series Buzzbait #DR14

  1. Tony

    Caught my new personal best with this color just before dark!

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